Référence annonce : #8252

Chef de projet IT CMS (H/F)

Début de la mission : 18/05/2020
Durée : 3 mois renouvelable
Secteur : Assurance
Lieux de la mission : IDF (Chatillon)
  • Descriptif de la mission:

    The IT Project Manager will be the main point of contact to all countries / entities regards to Qualtrics and especially:
    For countries / entities already using Qualtrics:
    – End-to-end tests to identify issues along with internal teams and main stakeholders
    – Diagnosis of the issues
    – Issues resolution and post-remediation tests
    – Coordination with internal teams to ensure Qualtrics connection during CMS (agent front software) evolution phase

    For countries / entities not using Qualtrics yet:
    – Feasibility study and needs specifications
    – Budget & planning management
    – Implementation / roll-out management
    – End-to-end test & remediation plan

    The IT Project Manager will quickly understand the Qualtrics ecosystem: telephony, CMS, Biztalk, etc…

    The IT Project Manager will be instrumental by planning, leading, coordinating and delivering Qualtrics ecosystem in time, budget, quality, compliance and scope. The IT Project Manager will assure the role of SPOC with the IT teams, bizz teams, coordinating the interaction of all stakeholders.

  • Functional skills required:

     Ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements, not afraid of unclear and ambiguous situations where you need to invent the path for success
     Strong experience in project management in a global environment (>8 years)
     Business acumen: Familiar with Insurance and with customer experience
     Strategic but also practical / hands on approach to deliver concrete results and to structure the environment in the way that is necessary to drive actions
     English – Fluent

  • Additional functional skills:

     Listening, sharing, teamwork, collective decision
     The ability to find innovative ways to resolve problems.
     Strong leadership and management skills
     Strong written skills to formalise a business comprehensive process
     Communication skills at various levels of hierarchy / seniority levels / countries / cultures: tailor communication to varying audiences, quickly incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly

  • Technical skills required:

     Comfortable with complex IT integration and projects with various modules
     Understanding of communication channel (telephony/ messaging system), business process management

    Technical understanding of Qualtrics as a plus

  • Relationship skills:

     Strong service orientation required in front of the internal teams. Capacity to manage the requirements and needs to meet delivery dates at both sides.
     Able to work and get results in international teams with no hierarchical structures
     Ability to deal with very different personalities at various hierarchy / seniority levels and various organizations / countries / cultures: tailor communication to varying audiences, quickly incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly